• Businesses Know That by providing good positive experiences to Dramatically Their buyers can impact business growth and it is very beneficial for business Indeed too in this breed of  customer service  now a days media. But some time customer service just takes a back seat of the daily demands of running a business. In this article we will discuss and review the reasons why it is important for every business.

    1. Customer service provides value:  

    It provides value to the service. Good customer service should focus on treating them, and answering their queries, and try to exceed their expectations. By doing this approach it helps businesses engage customers and build strong relationships.

    2. Retains Customers:

    Retaining loyal customers is way less expensive than getting new customers. Study shows that it costs about 6 to 7 times. Satisfied and loyal customers become involved when a business is trustworthy. It is highly possible that customers will return to make new purchases. If a customer has a pleasant experience with your brand, then there is no reason for them to look elsewhere. As discussed before, it's a lot cheaper to retain an old customer. Loyalty is rooted in trust and satisfaction, and customers can trust values ​​of a brand.

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    3. Creates Endorsements:

    Loyal customers can help businesses strengthen their brand. It has been researched and it shows that people often make purchasing decisions based on customer recommendations, rather than advertising ads, messages, emails, calls and so on. Study revealed that

    • More than 95 percent of customers will tell us about excellent customer service.
    • About 70 percent would spend more money with the company has excellent customer service.
    • One fourth or 24 percent will return to businesses or have a good customer service experience.
    • Some 59 percent would have a new company to receive better customer service.

    4. Prevents business failure:

    Study revealed that about 96% of American businesses close their doors within 10 years. One of the main reason is poor customer service. Buyers become frustrated over small business issues, such as unclear communication, very slow follow-up on questions, or ignored customer requests.

    5. Reduces employee turnover:

    Employees wanted to work for companies or businesses that encourage and appreciate workers,  business development , encourages new ideas and treat customers fairly and squarely. When they work for the company, they are more involved in their work and they are more focused and do advocacy for the business. They are more willing to stick with the company through business's challenging times.

    Service excellence and employee benefits

    Customer service excellence is one of the most important aspects of each business industry and their growth is driven by the employee and the employee. company.

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